end of year employee attestations – are you ready?

Each year you must engage your employees to obtain their confirmation that they have read, understood and adhered to the firm’s manuals, policies and procedures. This is a critical part of your compliance framework and, if needed, you will be called upon by the regulator to evidence that the process has been undertaken effectively and in a robust manner.

Regardless of the size of firm, this is a time consuming and laborious process and worst of all, it often fails in its objectives which is to protect the employee, the firm and its clients. For groups with multiple regulated firms or registrations the problem is magnified many times.

CCL’s integrated policy management and attestation suite elevates the process from “tick-box” to a robust and efficient repeatable exercise which addresses the needs of the regulator, senior management, the head of compliance and the employee; providing the control that you need and facilitating employee engagement.

How do we do this?

  • Create highly tailored attestations and link these to the latest version of your approved compliance manual or policies and procedures.
  • Access reports for all or individual employees detailing the attestations they have responded to, their response, and the exact version of the document the attestation was linked to. At a click, open and view historic attestations and the linked document version.
  • Issue attestations from the platform and use the simple tiled interface to track attestation requests and manage outstanding or overdue responses.
  • Set the recurrence for an attestation so that the platform will automatically clone the previous one, and prompt you when the new one is due.
  • Centralised Policy Management software which automatically version controls and evidences changes to your documents, and provides the assurance that your employees or external parties are only ever viewing the latest one.
  • Providing evidence, if required, to a regulator of every version of a document together with the name of the individual who last modified it and when.
  • Record comments against each document version to summarise the reason for the change.
  • Full integration to Microsoft Office meaning you do not need to learn another product.

But what about your content?
Your manual, policies and procedures are at the heart of your governance and control framework. If these are not reviewed and updated in line with current regulation there is no benefit in asking employees to attest they have read them.

CCL are compliance and regulatory experts. Keeping on top of current regulation and interpreting it into clear and concise language employees will understand, is at the heart of everything we do. As part of your platform subscription we can provide you with a compliance manual commensurate with your regulatory permissions, which we will update for you when regulations change or just to stay in-line with industry best practice. You can always be confident that the core of your compliance framework is appropriate to the regulations you work under. You will also receive access to “The Library”, our online resource containing example policies and procedures that support and implement the compliance manual. Whenever we update and change the content in “The Library” you will be notified. But that is not all, we also provide you with our Regulatory Reference document which is contains a clear and simple translation of the regulatory handbook, providing an easy to read first point of call.

Are you ready for the annual attestation process? Do you need an integrated attestation, policy management and regulatory content service for one simple low cost monthly fee?

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